Cornell University Steel Bridge Project Team

About the Team

The Cornell University Steel Bridge Project Team ("Cornell Steel Bridge") is an undergraduate project team that annually competes in the American Institute of Steel Construction Student (AISC) Steel Bridge Competition. The Fall semester is when students will spend time designing and analyzing a 23-foot-long model bridge and decide on winning design. During the Spring semester, students will fabricate, weld, and construct to bring this bridge to life.

Team members are able to utilize their classroom knowledge to optimize a bridge with the lightest weight, fastest constructability, and lowest deflection. All members of the team are additionally encouraged to participate in the hands-on experience of bringing the bridge from theory to reality. Cornell Steel Bridge allows all team members the opportunity to partake in the fabrication and construction process, in which students learn how to cut, drill, and weld members of the bridge together. Team members of Cornell Steel Bridge find great satisfaction in seeing a bridge go from mere theory on a computer to reality made of steel.

The Steel Bridge team aspires to foster leadership, problem-solving skills, and hands-on field experience.


The Process


Design & Analyze









Recruitment has ended for 2022-2023. Please consider applying Fall 2023!

All inquiries can be directed to our team at

Our team leads for the 2022-2023 academic year, Gregory Baynard and Thomas Zhao, may be contacted directly at and, respectively.